Make Math Fun, Intriguing,
and Easy for Your Child!

“We believe that every child can be a top
achiever if given the right instruction,
curriculum and support.”

—Lexi Fugate,
Math Cube

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Math Cube’s instructors are capable college students from local universities who have been selected for their ability to be insightful to the educational and emotional needs of our students. They have been chosen and trained to be exceptional role models and mentors.

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Our curriculum includes multiple elements of learning to produce an outline that will help children succeed in math. We teach through the traditional methods and building blocks of all math concepts. Our methods have been proven to be successful with a wide range of students and turn struggling math students into math lovers!

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A unique support feature of Math Cube is our secured entry data base. Each week you will be able to log in under a secured password to view your child’s progress, homework, and notes from your child’s instructor. If you have any questions or concerns you will be able to leave a personal message or speak directly with your child's instructor.

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MathCube’s Promise

Math Cube is an afterschool program which focuses on making math intriguing, fun and successful for your child. Math Cube teaches through games, workbooks, and hands on activities. Our goal is to build a MATH community with structured curriculum to complement your child’s education.

Only by working together can we improve education in the United States. Our children, our teachers and our schools need our support.

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